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Rosetta Stone


Visual Designer & Creative


Webdesign & Idea



Rosetta Stone wanted to prove that anyone could learn a new language with their language application.


We did some research, looked at current statistics of how long the normal users of Rosetta Stone took to learn a new language. Rosetta Stone already had an online course that ran for 180 days. This was the perfect opportunity for them to prove that it actually worked. Now knowing the timeframe we wanted an uncensored learning experience, showing all the frustrations, learnings and victories, from the beginning. So we challenged straight-off-the-boat Portuguese native Nuno to learn Swedish and to hold a presentation entirely in Swedish after 6 months. We made webisodes showing the progress and let the other Rosetta Stone users interact with his progress. To continue the learning journey with Rosetta Stone we also made whoever wanted to go next in the language challenge sign up. 

My role in the project was Visual Design and it was important that the project was easily overviewed, navigated and to show Nuno's interactions with the other users.  

The finished campaign/product was really well received and got awarded with 4 US awards and inspired Rosetta Stone to create a new product: Rosetta Stories

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