The Hunt

YEAR: 2016     URL:

The Hunt is a community driven product that strives to help young women look and feel their best every day. The app enables users to exchange style advice and discover new trends while staying connected. They can browse outfits, get style suggestions on what they're wearing and shop all in the same place.


iOS Application for
The Hunt


The Hunt needed a total re-design of their iOS and web apps, along with building and designing brand new features based on user feedback. 




The Hunt

Lead Product Designer

Lead complete re-design of iOS application and managed junior designer through re-design of Desktop application.

Directed re-branding, brand identity, and strategy efforts.


In 2016, I had the opportunity to lead the re-design of the popular fashion style app, The Hunt. 

In every re-design process it's important to look at what is working well versus what needs improvement. Additionally, features need to be evaluated to determine if they should be retired or merged into others. What is most important is listening to user feedback and making specific improvements they want to see. 

After our initial assessment process, we created a list of priorities and updated flowchart.  


1. Decide what to build first; look at components necessary for new and old features then create sketches.

2. Next is the wireframe; evaluate components that need to be in the design, the placement, and hierarchy. 

3. Interaction Design / UX Design Phase; design, get user feedback, iterate, repeat. 

4. Final Design; add in real visual design graphics, icons, and media.

5. Bam! You've got yourself a finalized design feature. 


Below are a selection of updated brand guidelines and UI created for the re-designed iOS Application.