Surprisingly Good

YEAR: 2015     URL:

Surprisingly Good is a pop-up R&D lab that focuses on social innovation and sustainability. We help individuals, teams, schools, NGO's and companies to find solutions to worlds toughest and most wicked problems, that a lot of times are rooted in science and research, policy and/or innovation. 

Social change design with Surprisingly Good


2014 Me, my wife and two other facilitators wanted to do more to help drive the conversations around social innovation and sustainability. So we started Surprisingly Good to just that.




NYU Institute of Public Health

Founder, Facilitator, and Designer (Branding)

Branding and Graphic Design of Surprisingly Good. 
Web Design and Development. 
Designed and facilitated the workshop for NYU Institute of Public Health. 


The branding for Surprisingly good consisted of logotype, typography, iconography, graphic pattern and presentation material. Then I created a style guide with simple directions for everyone to follow. 


May 6th, 2015 we held a workshop for NYU Institute of Public Health where we invited scientists, doctors, activists, politicians and community leaders with one wicked question to solve:  "How can we leverage existing resources to improve access to healthy foods in Brownsville?"