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Moviezine is the Nordic regions biggest online platform for movie and television, priding themselves of delivering exclusive editorial content, videos, and reviews by real people.


Online editorial platform for Moviezine


Global education company, Hyper Island, had 70+ tools and methods sitting on Google Drive unused. They wanted to turn them into an open source toolbox to be shared with the world.





Lead Product Designer

Prepared project plan and resource allocation. 

Lead design meetings and critiques with developers and design team.

Created new brand assets and logotype that worked online as well as in print.


1. Gather information from all the main stakeholders including all current employees. Make everybody feel a part of this re-brand and new platform.

2. Project plan approved! Make a sitemap, compile a list of features needed in the product and build out wireframe templates. Get input from developers on time. Explain to stakeholders that we can't do everything at once, and should start by making 5 features great instead of 10 features decent. 

3. Create consensus on hierarchy and priorities with team. Get to it! 

4. Compile tests and start working on front-end. Collect feedback. Iterate. Repeat.

5. Hand holding, feedback, and meetings with the developers as long as they are working on features and the product. 

See featured end-result below. 


If you're still reading this, thanks for taking the time to read about the design process!