Microsoft OneNote

YEAR: 2016     URL:

Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes, drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries.


UX, Motion &Visual Design for Microsoft OneNote (+Education & Surface)


OneNote wanted to help design the desktop UI and look into the overall UX of Notebooks, Sections, and Pages. 

The surface & Edu team wanted me to design the new Ink to Math feature in OneNote. Something that lots of schools wanted asap. 




Microsoft OneNote, Education & Surface

Senior Product Designer (Visual/Motion/UX Designer)

Contributed to the overall UX, UI and visual design of the OneNote desktop and smartphone application. 

Lead the UX work on the Ink to Math feature for the OneNote app. 

Lead the design of the Think with Ink initiative with UX, visual design, motion graphics and illustrations. 


Above is never produced examples of explorations made of "How Notebooks/Sections/Pages/ could look and work on the OneNote Desktop App". 


I had the privilege to freelance for the design-driven Microsoft OneNote with a super driven and talented design team that really took me in. 
They were doing a big design push and needed some extra thinking/hands on some UI, UX and motion graphics. 


Microsoft Education partnered up with Pixar "Pixar in a box"; a Pixar learning tool for OneNote. They needed a someone to visualize the overall look and feel of that product and apply some systems thinking. 


Microsoft Surface wanted to re-design the ink math assistant, and I got tapped to lead the UX design effort. 
See the result below, read more about it or try it yourself on your surface or tablet.