I am a multidisciplinary Senior Designer from Sweden working at Artefact in Seattle, WA. Over 10 years I been helping brands and organizations create solutions, products and experiences that solve meaningful problems. I do everything from Communication Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Product Design, Service Design, UX Design, Branding, Art Direction, Concept Design, Strategy and Illustration. I've collaborated with start-ups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

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Creating a good concept is like cooking a good soup. You look at the ingredients at hand and what you can create out of those ingredients. If you're lacking something. You simply have to find a solution that works. You try, you fail, you try again with different ingridients until it finally works. It's important to me to be both observer and creator. I take ideas, apply design strategy and research to flesh them out to viable concepts, products or services that hopefully in the end can be a transformational design.

I like looking at challenges from different points of view. Preferably i work in diverse group of people with different backgrounds were everyone have something to offer. A good soup (concept) usually involves; A handful good research, a cup of technology and pinch of design thinking.


Just as concept design can be related to a soup, so can IxD. You need to look at your research, your goals and the end-user. I like to do interaction design with different end-users in mind. What if one is colorblind, the other one cant use their hands and one is blind. That might be extremes but you need to find solutions that work for several different users. After figuring out the interaction points and steps (user journey) of the design you need to ask yourself, is this simple enough?

"Keep it simple stupid" is a good quote to have in mind when doing IxD. Your design should be easy enough to work for anyone, even if the end-user is tech savvy it should be simple enough to be explained to your grandmother. And as soon as you think you have a design that works you need to test it on people. Yes, real people. Get the feedback and then get back to the drawing board.


Product design is all about solving problems, and I like solving problems. Actually, thats what I'm truly passionate about. I am a big fan of Clay Christensen "Jobs to be done" method. Were you are not only looking at the functional aspect of the product but also the psychology and emotional aspects of the product. As a "fixer" I always been interested in finding solutions to problems. I created different products, services and solutions. Recently Surprisingly Good Co, The HI Toolbox and Sound of Football. Three projects with very different goals, size and outcome. 


Facilitation is an art of understanding communication and to get a group to interact in a collaborative and meaningful way. I been running workshops and labs with clients, internal teams and diverse groups of people that all want to solve a certain problem.

The common goal here is to get everyone to understand that they want the same thing and to let everyone contribute, to listen, contribute and give direction. My fascination for facilitation came from my years at Hyper Island and attending the UGL (understanding group leadership) training, and now i use it in every way possible leading a team. 


Adidas, Arla, Artefact Group, Axe, Barilla, BRG, Coop, CP+B, Dave Monks (Musician), Door/Key Productions, Eye Works, Fosters, Frank Tell NY, Google, Harley Davidsson, HP, Hyper Island, Identity Works, InkClub, Junkyard, McVities, Mentos, Microsoft, MovieZine, Nike, OLPC, Penfolds, Pepsi, Purch, Rosetta Stone, SAS, Surprisingly Good Co, Star Alliance, Ubisoft, Vitamin Water, WeSc,Your Majesty, Åbro



Artefact Group 2015 - 
Freelance  2006 -

Surprisingly Good  |  Co-founder 2015 -
MovieZine  |  Head of Design 2013-14
Identity Works   Creative Designer  2012-13
Animal   Art Director  2011-2012
Change Design  |  Facilitator  2011
Hyper Island  |  Facilitator/Speaker  2011
AIGA New Orleans   Speaker  2011
WeSC   Art Director  2011
Society 46   Creative Freelance  2010-2011


Awwwards  Featured
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Cannes Lions Mobile  Bronze
Cresta Awards  Finalist
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D&AD  Silver award + book
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FAB Awards  Official Nominee
Fast Company  Featured
Guldägget  Silver
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London International Awards  Bronze
Lovie Award  
Gold, Silver, Peoples choice
New York Festivals  Shortlisted
One Show Entertainment  Silver pencil
TED's : Ads Worth Spreading  Finalist
Tomorrow Awards  Shortlisted
Webby Award Augmented Reality  Winner
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